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The client sells art for childrens' bedrooms, which is quite colourful and naïve in a charming way. She wanted a full background, for which she obviously preferred her own motifs. We settled on her marine paintings, from which I extracted the individual sea creatures. Since shopping carts create dynamic pages, where I cannot control the page length, I decided on a fixed full screen background (long scrolling content cannot cause the background to repeat).

For headers I included Google web fonts; the top header is a nicely hand-scetched font, which goes well with the theme of paintings. I also created a number of graphics, like “Free Postage” and her “Satisfaction Guarantee”, using the same fonts.

On the top of the home page I included a slide show, ordered by themes. We had only standard size photos, which I could not stretch to a full screen width, hence I opted for a slide show with a short paragraph next to the images; all text is “real text”, properly formatted with H2-headers to add the best SEO keywords.

I also created a number of sub pages. One with her terms and conditions, where the individual FAQs are linked to anchor links within the same page, and a mixed “gallery and testimonials” page (being a new business we didn't have much of either, so this was a good way to add some volume). To display the large images I re-used the gallery script which is already included in the BigCommerce cart software.

At a later stage I also added a small pop-up on the screen, displaying the contents of buyers' shopping cart; this is fixed in the top right of the screen, so it never scrolls out of view. For this I also re-wrote an existing code of the cart. BTW: this pop-up only shows when the buyer has something in the cart, it disappears if the cart is emptied!

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