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Is Your Website «Responsive»?

What is «Responsive»?

A «responsive» website adjusts automatically to the size of the screen, so it will display on all devices, from mobile phone to tablet (like iPad™) to desktop computer.

Why should I care?

Mobile has overtaken fixed Internet access in the first quarter of 2014. You should really be asking, “Is my site ready to take full advantage of all this traffic?“

responsive web design: one page on many screens: tablet, desktop, mobile phone

Things I can do for you:

Web Design

If you require a new website, or you think it's time for a new «responsive» layout for your existing website, then please contact me for a quote! I do not design fixed size websites anymore, because I believe these are a thing of the past. As more and more different mobile devices enter the market we face an ever changing variety of different screen resolutions, making «responsive» best suited to deliver your content to all current and future devices.
Alongside a regular webpage I can also offer you my expertise in setting up and customizing a shopping cart, primarily based on the hosted versions of Big Commerce or Volusion — both come with pre-made mobile templates.


Content is the vital part of any website. If your writing does not engage, or your message is too difficult to comprehend, the visitor will leave your page — in a click!
I can help you with this; I'm at my best writing about things I have knowledge of, or which really interest me…
In 2009 I created a complete ‘Help File’ for a Content Management System (CMS), including all screen captures and graphics.
My bi-lingualism means I can offer translations English-German. Since I understand scripts and script functions, I have also worked on translations of software output.

Technical Services

If you can't get that script on your server to run, or you don't understand how to change your forum software to custom colours and graphics, then please consider contacting me. I have many years of experience in the installation and customization of scripts.
Or maybe you need assistance setting up your social media, like Facebook or Pinterest, and related apps.
Last, but not least, a rather unusual service, for which I have an excellent track record: finding the right domain name. Oh, that's easy you say… Not if you want a short and memorable domain name in a competitive field, particularly one which contains the right keywords! This service includes in-depth research of the history of a possible name.

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Sorry, I don't “tweet” or blog! I know it's supposed to be good for SEO, but my chosen life style doesn't leave me enough time to do this for WebBeetle. When I have something interesting to share I post it on Facebook.

My Clients Say:

I am very pleased with my Website - Webbeetle delivered above and beyond what I asked for and also provided creative ideas along the way. Highly recommended!
Monique Arber, 2011 | Big Commerce Shopping Cart

How can I help you?

Please feel free to contact me with your specific requirements, and we can discuss things from there…

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